Terribleminds.com – Flash Fiction Challenge: 200 Words At A Time, Part Two

The rules are simple: Look through the 200-word entries from last week. Pick one. Add another 200 words to the story.

That’s the game. I chose to continue Connie Cockrell’s first 200. And here it is:


Ewan Gilroy backed out of the library stack in a hurry. He peeked around the corner. Oh no.

He crept along the next row to watch the co-ed over the books. Ewan sweated as she checked the paper in her hand. She’s looking for something specific. Can’t be my book, no one’s checked it out in three years. She ran her finger along the titles. He froze as she pulled a book from the shelf. That book has the stolen code. I can’t finish this hack without it!

At the check-out Ewan walked up behind her with a random book.

“Nice to see you again, Brooke,” the librarian smiled. “Science of Computer MetaPhysics and Interdimensional Theory,” she stamped the lending card and her record book and handed the book to Brooke. “Research?”

“From Professor Ingles’ additional reading list for my final paper.” She tucked the book under her arm. “It looks like heavy reading.”

“You’ll do fine. Have a good day.”

“Thanks, you too.” Brooke left.

“May I help you?” the librarian asked.

“Uh, no, changed my mind, thanks.” Ewan dropped his book on the counter and hurried after Brooke. He’d follow her and with luck, get the book back.

Ewan’s day had been a disaster from the start.  First, he woke up late to the sound of the bus idling in front of his house.  Crap!  Then his stupid sister used all the hot water for her interminable shower ritual, which meant not only was he running to school in the rain, but he was running to school in the rain after a cold shower.  Double crap!  But the worst of it came on his iPhone.  He sat ignoring his gelatinous oatmeal (Mom makes breakfast once, and on time), and checked his email on his phone.  Santana6@gmail.com had sent another cryptic note.

“Ingles list 7 pg 333 line 12 middle.  done by 10 or shes gone.”

Suddenly Ewan wished Mom wouldn’t tell people about his “special abilities”.  That’s what she calls it.  She nods and smiles knowingly, saying, “Yes, Ewan has special abilities.”  It’s the same in every town they move to.  How much easier would it be if she just talked about the weather or knitting or his stupid sister?  Maybe we wouldn’t have to move so much.

Ewan tore the syllabus from his backpack and ran a finger down the page.  Ingles’ class.  The seventh book on the list.  “Science of Computer MetaPhysics and Interdimensional Theory”.


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