Karen had never seen a corpse before.  Not a real live corpse.  The thought made her giggle nervously.

A real “live” corpse? She snickered to herself.

At first she didn’t know it was a corpse.  She saw a man slumped against wall by the door to the bar when she stepped out for a smoke.  She glanced disgustedly at him and sat in the Throne to light up.   Nathan had put an old spindle chair by the door so the staff could sit to enjoy a smoke.    He’d sprayed it gold and proclaimed it a Throne, because smoking in public had become such a royal pain in the ass.

After a few minutes, she threw a pebble at the man slumped by the door.  “Hey!  You can’t sleep there, asshole,” she shouted. But no response.  So Karen flicked her half-finished cigarette into the street and stormed over to stand in front of him.

“This ain’t no outdoor drunk tank,” she snarled.  “Get off your ass and get on the road!”

Then she kicked him hard.  And that’s when she thought he might be a corpse.  She’d kicked more than a few drunks in her time, and none of them felt like this guy.


Addendum:  Mandy Webster picked up the next 200-word installment at her blog http://writeontheworld.wordpress.com/2013/12/02/the-second-200-words-a-real-live-corpse/ Check it out.